Following the review and recommendations, Proactive is qualified and capable of effectuating the desired outcome through a “boots on the ground approach” and if needed the engagement of a proven network of service providers. This provides great value for creditors who may not have offices where the borrower and/or collateral is located. Value is also added when a borrower can work face to face with a Proactive representative whom is able to become intimately familiar with the borrowers’ operation, collateral, stresses, and personality. Proactive works effectively with debtors in all situations and customizes the approach accordingly. If a creditor should require Proactive to work directly with the borrower value is immediately added as it shows the creditor to be aware and engaged with the situation. Proactive is happy to work “side by side” with creditor representatives when possible and maintain healthy relationships with the borrowers. Alternatively, the consulting agreement can be terminated at any time and the creditor can move forward as they see fit.