Eric Anderes, Principal

eric_headshot_finalI have worked for publicly traded banks ranging in the asset size from $86B to $2B in asset value. I have worked in Special Assets or similar credit function for the entirety of my banking career.

Due to my career being in two of the hardest hit markets during the great recession (Las Vegas and Phoenix) I have been able to manage a volume and variety of credits that is unique.

I was the longest tenured employee of a department that managed the acquisition and management of $865MM in assets through 4 separate FDIC assisted loss share acquisitions. This experience was unique and allowed me to greater understand the FDIC and their propensities. Part of this job was to take part in due diligence on target banks. In this role I reviewed 1000’s of loan files and provided feedback for the formulation of my employers bid.

I most recently worked for a debt purchasing firm learning a great deal of useful information working for a firm that operates in the secondary debt market. This firm operated as a joint venture partner with the FDIC as well. Main responsibilities via this partnership were resolving; Judgments, Deficiencies, and Charge-offs.

My diverse and abundant experiences with the credits I have managed and situations I have worked in have allowed me to develop a unique set of skills and perspective when reviewing credits and necessary remedies.