Proactive Consulting provides an immediate solution to your Distressed Asset Management needs. We provide; additional capacity, immediate expertise, and a local presence.

Our experience has proven that proactively addressing issues is beneficial for all stakeholders.  The opportunity to avoid costly remedies such as litigation increases significantly when you can act rather than react to stresses with a credit or credit portfolio.

Unfortunately, litigation is at times an unavoidable course of action. Proactive Consulting is familiar with both creditor and debtor rights and contemplates all possible outcomes into our relationship specific recommended course(s) of action. Proactive Consulting’s Principal, Eric Anderes, has extensive experience with both public institutions and their regulating bodies (FDIC) and uses his valuable and unique experiences when evaluating loans and developing solutions.

Proactive Consulting specializes in the resolution of both Conventional and SBA loans.

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An engagement with Proactive Consulting can be tailored to meet our individual clients needs. The process generally begins by performing a Portfolio Review and will be followed with a report outlining potential deficiencies.

Following that review, we will make Recommendations based on identified deficiencies. We then utilize our extensive experience and valued professional services network to facilitate the recommended actions. We become as involved in the Implementation as our client requires to accomplish their unique Goals.

portfolio review

Proactive Consulting understands the goals of banking and financial institutions and the regulations under which they are required to operate. Proactive will review individual loans and loan portfolios to identify the means to maintain or improve the quality of the credit. Proactive Consulting is experienced with: C&I, real estate, and SBA commercial credits.

Our comprehensive review will ensure a full understanding of a particular credit and can include; documentation review, financial analysis, site visits, borrower interviews, tenant interviews, lease review, broker opinions of value, market analysis, and any other diligence required.


Following the review Proactive will provide recommended action to be taken to mitigate future problems or resolve current issues. These recommendations will be supported by analysis and underwriting deemed appropriate by the client. Recommended next steps may include;

  • Restructure- Payment, collateral, guarantees, covenants, and other loan terms
  • Litigation
  • Forbearance
  • Prepackaged BK
  • Receivership
  • Third Party Oversight- CRO, FA, or alike
  • Liquidation- Orderly/Forced

Every credit is unique and requires a tailored remedy to ensure the best outcome for


Following the review and recommendations, Proactive is qualified and capable of effectuating the desired outcome through a “boots on the ground approach” and if needed the engagement of a proven network of service providers. This provides great value for creditors who may not have offices where the borrower and/or collateral is located. Value is also added when a borrower can work face to face with a Proactive representative whom is able to become intimately familiar with the borrowers’ operation, collateral, stresses, and personality. Proactive works effectively with debtors in all situations and customizes the approach accordingly. If a creditor should require Proactive to work directly with the borrower value is immediately added as it shows the creditor to be aware and engaged with the situation. Proactive is happy to work “side by side” with creditor representatives when possible and maintain healthy relationships with the borrowers.


Our primary goal is for you to maintain your customers and loan balances and avoid:

  • Unnecessary expenses
  • Loan Losses
  • Downgrading loans
  • TDR’s
  • Increased loss reserves

Our secondary goal is to obtain full repayment of debts when an exit strategy is necessary.

Our tertiary goal is to minimize any unavoidable losses to the creditor.

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Mr. Anderes has worked for banks and credit unions ranging in the asset size from $500 Million to $86 Billion in asset value. Mr. Anderes worked in Special Assets or similar credit function for the entirety of his banking career. Early in his career Mr. Anderes worked in two of the hardest hit markets during the great recession (Las Vegas and Phoenix). This experience allowed Mr. Anderes to manage a volume and variety of credits that provided a unique foundation to his passion for problem solving.

Mr. Anderes was the longest tenured employee of a department that managed the acquisition and management of $865MM in assets through 4 separate FDIC assisted loss share acquisitions. This experience was unique and allowed him to greater understand the FDIC and their propensities. Part of this job was to take part in due diligence on target banks. In this role he reviewed 1000’s of loan files and provided feedback for the formulation of my employers bid.

Mr. Anderes has also worked for a debt purchasing firm learning a great deal of useful information working for a firm that operates in the secondary debt market. This firm operated as a joint venture partner with the FDIC as well. Main responsibilities via this partnership were resolving; Judgments, Deficiencies, and Charge-offs.

Mr. Anderes’ diverse and abundant experiences with both SBA and Conventional commercial credits has resulted in a unique set of skills and perspective when reviewing credits and necessary remedies.

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