Proactive Consulting is focused on the identification of potential creditor and debtor agreement deficiencies prior to having to endure costly and time-consuming resolution strategies. Proactive Consulting reviews loans and loan portfolios with the goal of helping both the creditor and the debtor. Our experience has proven that proactively addressing potential issues prior to; cash flow stress, insolvency, contentiousness, or bankruptcy is beneficial for all stakeholders.  The opportunity to avoid costly litigation increases significantly when you have the ability to act rather than react to stresses with a credit or credit portfolio.

Unfortunately, litigation is at times an unavoidable course of action. Proactive Consulting is familiar with both creditor and debtor rights and contemplates all possible outcomes into our relationship specific recommended course(s) of action. Proactive Consulting’s Principal, Eric Anderes, has extensive experience with both public institutions and their regulating bodies (FDIC) and uses his valuable and unique experiences when evaluating loans and developing solutions.


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